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Hi there, just thought I'd let you know that I'm a repeat customer - bought from you a little over a year ago and loved using the tops now I've just had my 2nd baby and need some more! Thanks for a really innovative product.

Hi, I received my order,and I am MORE than impressed! Its stunning! 4 of my friends are also expecting and I am definately going to recommend you!

We just got your awesome t-shirts for Christmas from my parents back in SA and absolutely love them.

They are VERY practical!!!! I just had to order another 2, to keep me from wearing that one everyday:) (lol)
Thank you 

Thanks so much for doing this for me at such short notice/order/time, but I do know that the two tops she has are really worn. She wears them all the time, with maybe one or two days in between when they don’t get dry when she does not wear them.

The top fits perfectly! yeah!
Thanks so much and will spread the good "moo" to my friends :)

Thank you Ladies for wonderful service. I will certainly spread the word of your business around. 

Thanks a million!  I received the notice from the post office yesterday afternoon and went to pick it up immediately.  I am very impressed with your product and will without a doubt recommend it to my pregnant friends - or perhaps order some for them as a stork tea present...

i have to commend you on it as i am a new mum and breastfeeding is new to me also and i know how hard  and awkward it can be to feed in public

PS I loooove the tops - It is really nice to go out and not have your tummy hanging out every time you feed your baby!!

Please can you send my shirts fastmail.
When my long sleeved one is not in the wash I’m wearing it! It’s so easy to feed when out and about with it so I need some replacements.

I'm living in Cape Town and there is no way I can get these tops dry in time to wear again.  And I can't imagine wearing anything else!

“Thank you so much for all your effort. I have made the transfer and the shirts fit fabulously! I look forward to telling everyone about them once I've popped cause they allow for pragmitism to combine with a bit of elegance - a rare thing with breast feeding.”

“I desperately need 3 more tops I finds its all I’m wearing with feeding so I would like to order 3 black cami’s PLEASE!!”

“I love the tops.  Whoever came up with them is a genius!!!! “

“the perfect baby shower gift…was passed around, everyone had a good giggle and thought it was brilliant. Talk of the babyshower!”
I had my baby in April and I simply loooovveeee my tees. So I'm ordering more ;)

These are such novel clothing items - brilliant creations on your part !!
Yes I’m a repeat customer – the t-shirts have saved my life and I wear them all the time!
These t-shirts are fantastic! I would like to order 3 x large additional t-shirts. The colours, grey, pink and green. I'll make the payment today!

Thanks for your brilliant product and service...wish I was having another baby - ha ha ha (aged 71 and four kids later!!!!!)

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